Natalka Proszak is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Montreal, Canada.

Working primarily with found objects and materials, her sculptural and installation work explores the boundaries of memory through collective unconscious, Romani Diaspora, and identity adopted theologies. Natalka has brought her work in set design and art direction to both original and collaborative creations for music videos, public installation, visual accompaniment for performance, contemporary dance, and film/ television. She is a member of the non-profit artist run centre, The Long Haul.



My work is heavily centred around the exploration of memory - more specifically, ancestral
or genetic memory. Memories stored within our genetic coding, present before the
development of the ego and in the absence of sensory experience. My work questions the
inaccessibility of this consciousness, and my research aims to give shape and form
to the intersection point of individual and collective memory.  By creating a physical
manifestation of a memory one does not have access to cerebrally, they can then engage
with it directly. By sharing this exploration with an audience or viewer, the work asks that
we consider our individuality as something that is deeply rooted in connectivity, and then to
push the boundaries of that connectivity. It asks that we acknowledge and engage with our
history and memory to prove that community is not defined by geography, or by our
physical selves alone.

Current CV available upon request.